Domna Kotsifaki

Assistant Professor of Physics, Duke Kunshan University

Her research focuses on interface between nanophotonics and biophotonics to gain a better understanding of the processes involved to manipulate nanometer-sized particles using light fields which contribute to the development of new techniques for single-molecule level detection and analysis. Her research interests up to now are concerned mainly the study and control of dielectric nanoparticle/bio-particles, investigating fluid dynamics using plasmonic-based approaches, development of new sensing platforms, technologies enabled by optical resonators/metamaterial, implementation of novel techniques for new therapeutic approaches, and so on.

Her teaching interests at Duke Kunshan University include but are not limited to General Physics, Optics and Modern Physics, Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Biophotonics etc.

She has participated and coordinated as PI several research projects (Greek and Japanese projects) related to bio-applications based on plasmonic nanostructures. She received numerous awards for excellence in publication and mentoring.

She has published several peer-reviewed journals (Nanophotonics, Nano Letters, Applied Physics Letters, etc.), peer-reviewed international conference proceedings and book chapters, most of them as first and corresponding author. She was invited to present her research at several conferences and colloquia.

She is active member of OSA, SPIE, and America Chemistry Society. She was a committee member of Rita Colwell Fund award, at OIST University, Japan and she serves as a peer reviewer for several international journals, such as Nature, Optics Express, Optics Letter, ACS Photonics, Nanotechnology etc.