Nathan Hauthaler

Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Duke Kunshan University

His research focuses on the nature of human agency and action, which he investigates from various systematic and historical vantage points including the philosophy of action, metaphysics, epistemology and ethics; the history of analytic philosophy, especially Anscombe; classical Greek philosophy, especially Aristotle; and classical Chinese philosophy. His teaching interests at Duke Kunshan span a broad range of subjects including the theory of knowledge, philosophy of mind, introduction to Western philosophy, and history of modern European philosophy.
He is the author of essays on the philosophy of action, epistemology, the history of philosophy, and public international law. He is working on a number of essays on the nature of intentional action and its connection to practical capacity and knowledge. For more information visit
Hauthaler has a Mag. phil. in philosophy and a Mag. iur. in law from the University of Graz, Austria, an M.Phil Stud in philosophy from the University of London, Birkbeck, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Stanford University.



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