Sze Chai Kwok

Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Duke Kunshan University

Kwok's research lies at the intersection among neuroscience, behavior, and psychology. He is head of the Laboratory of Phylo-Cognition and his research team studies the neural bases of episodic memory, metacognition, and other related higher cognitive processes in the primate species. Elucidation of such intricate brain/mind/behavior relationships is attained by armamentaria of methods including multimodal neuroimaging, in vivo electrophysiology, neuromodulatory methods, state-of-the-art behavioral paradigms and computational techniques. His teaching interests at Duke Kunshan include topics within cognitive neuroscience, behavioral sciences, and psychology.

He is author of 40 academic papers including several in leading high-impact journals such as Science, Neuron, eLife, the Journal of Neuroscience, and Nature Human Behaviour. He is a recipient of the Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program Award (2016) and Young IBRO Regions Connecting Award (2020). He serves as handling editor for the journal Cognitive Processing (Springer) and Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

Kwok has a bachelor's degree in social sciences from the University of Hong Kong and a doctoral degree in experimental psychology from the University of Oxford. Before joining Duke Kunshan in 2020, he was associate professor at East China Normal University and held a scholar-in-residence adjunct position at NYU Shanghai.



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